Modern Racism

This will likely be a controversial one, but it's something I have to say... It's been a little while now and it seems it's getting worse, but the amount of racism that exists now it's truly saddening, and you might be reading this wondering why me, a white male is writing this, how could I… Continue reading Modern Racism

Do You Really Live in Reality, Or Do You See What You Want

If you truly open your eyes you'll realise, It's pretty hard to be happy in world where there is so much sadness, death, destruction, and famine. A world we are actively destroying and abusing our power as intelligent beings, our world is dying. Recently I've become more and more aware of the fact we are… Continue reading Do You Really Live in Reality, Or Do You See What You Want

I don't really post much of my photography on here, I primarily post them on my Instagram @biographicalbean. However you can find some in my Art and Photography menu on my site, so check them out! Will be updating when I finish more projects I've been expirmenting with a lot more photography lately, and I've… Continue reading