A Moment of Serenity

So this is the first one…

The first post into a new journey of self discovery and probable nonsense.

I got up today, which actually went better than it had done the past few days, I’d been sleeping on my bedroom floor, for some reason as of late I’ve found it much more comforting for myself, anyways I got up and I decided I was going to go outside, I needed to it’d been a few days since I last ventured out, now I’ll tell you I’m not usually like this, usually going outside isn’t a problem at all, but things had been bad for a while for me now, and such a simple task became daunting.

My friend messaged me, he told me he was having a hard time, I told him I needed to do some food shopping but I could meet him afterwards for some lunch, it took a little persuasion, but we met up, grabbed some food, and we talked about what was going on for us in our lives, it’s nice to find solace in helping someone.

Smashed Avocado and Egg on Sourdough Bread

I suggest we go chill in the park for a bit, it was lovely day and seemed pointless to waste it, i’d picked a nice spot in the park surrounded by daisies, simple things can make you smile, we settled and conversed more, the conversation was slow, not in a bad way just more relaxed, I laid down onto the ground and I stared up at the sky, it wasn’t overly interesting today but the clouds were particularly fluffy, I remember I focused in on this, and then an airplane flew by and you could see the trails it formed, they unraveled from the plane and it was rather soothing to watch. I zoned out, completely, I had a total moment of serenity, just staring at the sky, I wasn’t thinking about anything, it was euphoric but it was peaceful inside my head, it’d been busy lately.

Sometimes you need to stop and stare at things, see where your mind takes you, don’t be staring at people though, no body likes that, but anything else really, let your mind wander.

It’s difficult for me, having ADHD my mind is running a million miles per hour and thinking of numerous things at once, this moment was a rare one, I can only say in my life i’ve probably had 7 moments like this where I can just stop for a moment and be free from my thoughts, it’s nice.

So this is my little story, with the reminder to stop for a moment in your ever so busy lifestyles, stop and soak something in.

I hope you enjoyed this, I would like to write about all manner of things, my thoughts, views on subjects, maybe i’ll even have a little rant, I’ll share you my photography, maybe you have some suggestions of stuff you’d like me to talk about.

But for now, thank you for taking you time to read this, you won’t get that time back and there’ll be no refunds.

Until next time


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