Day Out at Beaulieu

My friend had messaged me a few days, asking if i’d like to accompany him and his kids to Beaulieu museum, he had free tickets, I kindly accepted his kind offer.

For those of you who don’t Beaulieu, is pretty famous for it’s collection of classic and vintage cars, I for one don’t care for cars, not a single bit, but what I do care for is the architecture that builds the foundation of the engines and exterior on the really old cars, the ones, sort of like the ones that still used wood as a main component, if you can picture that? Well you better try, because I don’t have any photographs of them, only parts of their architecture. Sorry!

Beaulieu also has a lovely palace and a garden abbey, though today the weather couldn’t quite make up it’s mind whether or not it was appropriate weather, I suppose for the most part it was warm enough.

The day starts up and my friend picks me up, and we drive over to pick up his kids friend, except we don’t because they aren’t there, we run on a little wild goose chase before we eventually grab them from a different location, me and my friend converse about work and other times, and we make our way over.

When we arrive, I distance myself as I get my camera out it’s bag and begin to look for different unique perspectives of the cars, I’d recently developed a real interest in Macro Photography, well I say recently, it’s always fascinated me, but I’ve never even thought about trying it, I’d done a little research in the morning, and I was keen to try something different, I bring my best lens, it’s 18mm-135mm, it should do the trick for now.

I find lots of engines and car parts that really appeal to me, I’m not sure why I love the look of old mechanical parts, especially if they are rusty.

I start snapping away, I’m learning this whole Macro thing as we go, I can’t guarantee if it’ll be what I truly want till I get home and look on a bigger screen.

My friend stops for a short while and his kid and his friends run a riot, well not literally but oh boy if I still had all the energy they had, I’d get so much done!

The day goes on, as later we’ll make our way to the Gardens, but first heres some of my favourite photos I managed to get from the architecture of cars.

After the museum we took a short walk to the monorail, my friend decided he didn’t want to go on because he’d be too claustrophobic, so I was in charge of the kids, brilliant… We took the monorail, and in this moment I remember thinking thank fuck I don’t have my own children, for a long time I thought I was nearing the age that I wanted children but actually I don’t think I am yet.

After we got back we hope on a small vintage bus and visited the Gardens, very lovely, but they had some peculiar art.
Here’s some of the photographs I grabbed here.

After we was done in the Garden we headed home, we all stopped in Greggs and I finally tried one of those Vegan sausage rolls and to my surprise it was actually really good, I got an extra one because I was peckish.

Our last stop would be visiting CeX for my friends child, whilst in here I stumbled across some lens that would fit my camera, more specifically some Macro Lens, I tried a few out on my camera and eventually settled for a Sigma Lens 25mm-300mm, it was much cheaper than the ones I’d seen on the line, hopefully this will be the start of my journey into another realm of photography. We’ll see…

I hope you enjoyed this short story, my laptop crashed numerous times whilst writing it and i’m tired so it’s probably not as good as it would have been, but really it’s only here to serves a story to accompany my new photographs.

Thank you for reading


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