Toxic Media

It’s funny how you often remember the bad times but quickly forget the good times.

The world these days is surrounded by negativity, and it’s often hard to be optimistic, everywhere you look theres something negative, and for the most part it’s a more powerful emotion that receiving positivity, it lasts longer doesn’t it.

We’ve become some what of a worry sum species, the news is the worst culprit, after that social media, and we’ll get to that in the bit, I don’t have much to say about the news, I stopped watching sometime around 2010, when I realised it wasn’t making me happy, only making me worse, that coupled with the ridiculous stories that I firmly believe don’t qualify as news, such as Kim Kardashian having a baby, I hadn’t got a fucking clue who she wasn’t until my friends shared some news on social media, I still don’t really understand why she is famous, but shit like that grates me, I get fed up of celebrities and influencers alike getting publicity for stupid shit, it always seemed like they was just good looking and rich and they just got by on that, maybe it was jealously, but I always felt it was not deserved, singers and actors, I can tolerate because that’s a talent, but if you’re a “Celebrity” just because you’re rich, you can get in bin.

So back to negativity, let’s talk about social media, social media is a toxic disease and you’re all infected, we’re like puppets to it, aimlessly scrolling, and posting desperately in search of likes, which actually serve no meaning, but somewhere along the line we’ve decided this is what we need to get by in life.
People don’t really post for themselves no more, they post because they want to appease the masses, but can you truly find happiness in that if you’ve stopped doing it because you genuinely want to?
What you’re viewing is falsified happiness, people posting these elaborate stories and photos of them having “fun”, social media will always portray your perfect life, but it’s not perfect is it…
You don’t share all the times in between, all the hard times, I guess for the most part people don’t really want to see that, it’s being vulnerable, but you have to be honest with yourself.

I know full well many of my friends who are sharing their “perfect” lives are not actually happy, because they are on the other side of messenger telling me how bad their day is, it’s a difficult one because you’re not exactly going a post a photograph of you crying or your unfortunate parking ticket, are you, because no you can’t for a second let on you don’t live this perfect life.
I can tell you that there’s a million people viewing your stuff worrying about their own life, worrying why their life doesn’t feel as good as everyone else seems, and they’ll either distance theirselves or they’ll fall into the same trap of sharing this painted picture that is tainted by lies.
The circle goes on and on, and I sure have fell victim for it in the past, but if you look at my social media in more recent times, it’s less and less photos of my self, more photographs of things, often accompanied by words, even more recently I’ve been very honest on there, it feels good I don’t feel like I’m lying to you, because my life isn’t perfect, it never will be.
I took myself of Facebook quite a few months ago, I became fed up of all the stupid stories and people pretending, it makes you question your own happiness sometimes, I was fed up of it all, I’d deleted previously a few years ago, I came off for a whole year and actually I felt really good, a lot happier, but I went back because everybody forgot about me, it hurt actually most people didn’t notice i’d gone, if you aren’t plastering your face everywhere people quickly forget it seems. This time however I don’t i’ll be going back, it’s much more peaceful without that worry in my life.

I often question what is the meaning of social media, our phones do to much now, we’re always scrolling and scrolling aimlessly, where are we going, we miss our surroundings because we’re too focused on what’s in our hands, I decided I wanted to use my phone less, I looked at the amount of screen time I was getting and it between 6-8 hours a day, mostly on instagram or youtube, thats ridiculous! I immediately set myself some limits, 2 hours overall screen time a day, and 20 minutes of Instagram a day, I was wasting my life otherwise, I suggest everyone else does the same.

I read an article sometime last year it was about schools having a bridge the gap lesson where they taught young students about social media, and advised them it’s not all about likes, I read this and I was horrified, the impact social media was having on lives, people where taking their own lives over not feeling popular enough, fuck this has to stop, we have to stop this.

If you feel like your life is surrounded by negativity or you feel lost because maybe your life isn’t as “perfect” as others perceive, take yourself away from it, unfollow them or hide them, focus on yourself and pleasing yourself only, others for the most part don’t matter, apart from partners and family.

Stop look up and soak in life, or you’ll miss out on the great bits.


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