It’s funny how you can find simple gratification in little things in life, often we spend our time trying to please ourselves looking at the bigger picture but how often do you stop and look at your surroundings in more detail, the finer detail. You might find something you really enjoy, stop touch things, examine them, you might enjoy the texture or how they are shaped.
Sometimes when you can’t find solace in the bigger picture, the little things will get you by.

Try and find one small thing each day, and just take some time to appreciate it no matter how shit the rest of your day may or may not be.

I’m going to share some photographs of things that aren’t exactly what you’d think you’d enjoy but I gain gratification from.

Take this wooden spoon for example, it’s just a disposable spoon I found in a coffee shop, but I find it really interesting to look at, it looks way too nicely crafted to be used, I wouldn’t dare. I took it home, placed it as an ornament in my room.

The time I took this I was putting together a scrapbook of memories for someone, when I started I had this little crappy mini printer, it broke mid way, I was pretty annoyed, but as I tried to unjam it I pulled reams and reams of colourful sheets that somehow were used as ink, I looked at the pile and my anger faded away, because I’d created something beautiful, I enjoyed this moment for a short while before retiring it to the bin.

Sometimes you’ll find gratification in places you don’t expect, I found this patch of mould growing in my house, obviously it’s not pleasant but it’s rather interesting to look at, how the bacteria spreads it’s self around a space, almost like paint splatters.

Another bacteria one, but this I found in my work cup at work, some despicable human had used it whilst I wasn’t on shit and had the cheek to put it away like this, I was not impressed but over just one day, the juice in the cup had dried and produced this wonderful image, sort of like something you might find in a petri dish in a science class at school. Theres a whole other world in bacteria.

A lamp at my parents house, I was always fascinated by how odd it looked, it reminded me of the original War of the Worlds for some reason, it was very outer worldly in my eyes.

I was out for a walk, and I found this old bench it was pretty much just an old log flatted so some extent, but the grooves intrigued me, I bet they told a million stories of all the people that had sat there.

You’re probably thinking, this is just some brick work and you’re right it is, but something about the layout of it, appeases me, I think it’s maybe the simple pattern, but I enjoy looking at it.

A more recent one from a day out, there was an old mini that was used to promote orange juice, the car was basically a giant orange on wheels but I was more interested in the paint work, all glazed and bubbly like lava.

Stop and enjoy the world from a different perspective, in more detail, all the atoms that make us and this world it’ll make you feel different.


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