The Pursuit for Happiness

I think all of us long to be wholesomely happy, we chase it, whether it’s you realise it or not, we’re all chasing the dream.

How many of you are actually happy?

Maybe it’s time we stop chasing, looking at that end goal, it’s always so far away right?
Then before you know it, it might be too late, you’ve wasted your time.

So what if we stop, and we focus on now, focus on the present.

I’m not saying you should not pursue happiness and goals but often we become so focused on what could be and not what is, in this current moment.

I think our perspective on life needs to change.
We could all die tomorrow, if you could leave your body and look upon your corpse, could you say you died happy, or were you still chasing it.

Happiness is all around us, you just need to see it, it’s not the future, it is now, and you have to take it.
It’s in the small things, treating yourself, messaging that special person, it’s in that one blooming flower you see whilst walking, it’s in that one meal you that isn’t part of your diet, it’s in the lighting candles and relaxing in the bath, it’s in forgetting about all your worries for a moment and just being one with yourself.

If you want to do something, if you think it’ll make you smile, but maybe you might struggle to afford it, or feel like you don’t have time, do it regardless, make the time, because you might never get a chance if you keep that mindset, nothing wrong with being a little out of pocket for a month if you’ve got a smile on your face.

If you don’t do something about your happiness in the present, your future happiness will only drift further apart.

Remember the little things matter too, and they’ll get you there.
You’ll get to end goal too, but you might make some pitstops along the way, and that’s okay because you’ll be happy.

That’s all that matters.

On a different note…

Happiness it’s hard one for me, I spent so long running from it, refusing to emote it, it’s quite overpowering, I was overwhelmed a lot, you could say I have some regulation issues, but coming to terms with it, was hard, but I see now what it is, and what it can be.

It’s harder and harder these days to express yourself, be it the amount of people calling people “snowflakes” or just the way we are these days, we either feel too much or not at all, it’s hard to find the in-between.

As I talk to someone late last night, we discuss being able to express emotions, and the struggle, they tell me they think they need to be able to understand themselves in order to express themselves.
I thought about that comment for a long time afterwards, I wasn’t really sure what to say at the time, but the thing is does anyone really understand ourselves, we’re all just here on a floating rock in the middle of space.
What is our purpose no body really knows, how can you even begin to understand yourself, you only have a perception of control to your lives, everything around is always changing and that could cross or change your path in any direction.
I always thought I had control of my life, but I don’t for the most part I’m just a puppet in some other material world, I can choose to have breakfast, but I can’t chose for my dad to not have cancer, that happened.
So how do you come to terms with understanding yourself? I guess you don’t, I guess eventually you’ll reach a point where you know this is who you are now and it’s subject to change due to life being enigmatic and ambiguous.
I don’t think I ever truly understand myself, but I can learn to understand why defines me and my actions, and take responsibility for them.
Expressing ones true emotion is to be completely vulnerable and you don’t know how people will respond, it’s daunting, and exposure is anxiety inducing.
Understandably we hardly ever show our true nature.

I hope you get there, one day though.
I hope we all do.


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