Instantaneous Patience

Have you ever noticed that we lack patience these days, we want everything fast and instantaneous, we crave fast internet, faster service times at restaurants, we want everything at our fingertips always, we are constantly trying to cram in as much as we can in the shortest amount of time possible, it wasn’t always like this though. Why has it changed, maybe we’ll go on a journey through this post and look at my opinions.

I remember when I was growing up, I was born in 1992, so I lived in an era where technology was rapidly on the rise, I got see so many different generations of it. I remember the old brick phones, and floppy discs, CRT TVs etc, I wouldn’t get my own mobile phone till I started school in Year 7, I must have probably been 12 or 13, it was a Nokia 3310, now if you’re roughly the same age as me you’ll remember this an iconic phone, it was near indestructible and you could play snake on it, other than that it did the bare minimal, you could text and make phone calls, I think back very fondly it was much simpler back than.

It would be 3 years later, I would be already in two jobs by this point, I bought my first iPhone and all of a sudden I had everything at my fingertips. Too much probably. Technology had flown by, in such a short time, they kept updating the iPhones to be faster and better I didn’t really keep up with the models, every 2 updates or so i’d upgrade, I never really noticed the difference in speed, or maybe I didn’t care.

Then all of sudden you had self service checkouts in super markets and and even McDonalds, and we were moving so fast we didn’t even need to human workers, we needed something to keep up with our consumerism, it’s been rapidly inclining.

I was in IKEA the other day, getting some lunch and goodies with a friend of mine, I was waiting in line to get a drink the lady in front of me became frustrated by the speed the water dispenser was working, she said out loud “God it’s so slow” the left it and walked round to the other side to use the other one, by which point a queue had formed on that side and she had to wait longer, so really she messed that one up, silly lass. I thought to myself how idiotic can you be to get frustrated by the speed in which your water is dispensed. It is just water.

This what we’ve become now, I have quite a few friends with children now and I notice how inpatient they are, I mean children will always be inpatient but it seems if Netflix takes longer than a second to load then they lose control, kids these days have smart phones from an early age, and personally I think it sets a bad precedent for the rest of their lives, go out on your fucking bike and see the world, stop staring into the screen playing a mind numbing game, wasting your parents money on micro transactions.

I was raised in a time where if you wanted to see an image on the internet you had to wait about 10 minutes for each bit to load on a dial up connection and it might not even be the image you wanted when it finally loaded, not only that but you couldn’t use your landline to make a phone call during that time, it was Bytes per minute, now, now we have internet with speeds that surpass 100 megabytes per minute and beyond that, I have no idea what China’s speed is but I hear it’s pretty damn fast! I mean I was happy when we had 10mbs, that was fine for me, mine now is maybe 50mbs, and I have no issues at all, and that’s coming from someone who regularly plays online games and streams all manner of content.

I guess I don’t care because I grew up in a period where I got see the world and technology at so many different points, I know how far we’ve come, or well maybe we haven’t. You’d think someone with ADHD would be incredible inpatient, you’d be correct in some cases but only where I feel it may be justified, after all you don’t have control over time, life gives you a perception of control but i’d say it doesn’t exist, all the opportunities and temporal are continuously changing before our eyes.

I often find myself wishing times were simpler again, especially in terms of technology, I hate smart phones actually, I waste way to much time on there, I don’t need all that nonsense at my finger tips, I’ve been thinking for a long time thinking of just converting to an old basic phone, that can just text and call, but people don’t do that anymore I communicate with hardly anyone via text or phone calls now, it’s all from messaging apps and other nonsense, I don’t know how many of my friends even own my number these days.
I won’t lie I’ve set limits on my phone now to stop me wasting my time, sometimes it works others it doesn’t. In fact it’s 2:34PM and I’ve already used my 2 hour limit I set, and it doesnt’ seem like a lot of time but it is, it’s wasted time, I won’t lie though it’s mostly just been transferring important stuff to and from my phone and updating my social media presence, I wouldn’t say it’s been a total waste today.

Something needs to change, we need to stop and appreciate the world we live in, stop being so greedy. Waiting sometimes grants you great feelings, they always say “good things come to those that wait”, and I don’t necessarily believe that statement but it always feels a lot better when you receive something you’ve been eagerly waiting for, it’s a different sense of gratification it’s not instant but you’ll find yourself more appreciative.

Everything is moving so fast now, and it seems free time is limited because we are trying cram in so many things, all whilst working and trying balance our lives, but what if we stopped all that, and just focused on the things most important, we don’t need everything, we need just enough to get by and be happy to a degree, if we continue like this we’ll burnout and when you burnout the world doesn’t stop just because you have, it goes on and you’ll find yourself feeling behind, but you aren’t you’re probably exactly where you need to be.

“Patience is a virtue”, you’ve probably heard or said that countless times yet I feel it’s lost it’s meaning, it’s a statement that is true yet we now use it frivolously, we can’t say it if we ourselves can’t keep our shit together when our WiFi goes down for a minute.

Personally I think technology is consuming us, it’s destroying us, making us engrossed in a digital world. We see each other less and less and we communicate mostly in a digital world, we can’t even socialize without checking our phones repeatedly, and most of the time we haven’t even got any notifications.

I watched an recent episode of Black Mirror lately, and although I wasn’t a huge fan of the episode as a whole I think the message it was trying to portray about social media and phones being designed to be addictive is a powerful one, it is true, we are addicted to them, it’s basically a mini computer in our hands now, in some ways it’s handy but in many other ways its a hindrance on our lives, we’re missing so much because we aren’t looking up, the amount of us with bad posture now because of it, it’s quite something to think of actually.

I can’t even say I hate technology because I rely on it so much now, and it’s only going to become more and more part of our lives, but I do think we need to take some steps away from it, to protect ourselves, to give us back a bit of patience, at the end of the day all your messages, emails and notifications will still be there, and unless it’s an emergency there is no need to rush our lives. There a very few people that i’ll reply to instantly, the rest I leave till I feel like it.

We cannot keep up with our own consumerism, we exploit children in third world countries to make our shitty clothes and for the most part they get ruined after a few uses, and I’m a huge culprit of this, I often just buy plain clothes and I will buy the cheapest I can find but then I end up buying it over and over again, because it’s ruined, if I had just bought a decent quality ethically made one in the first place I wouldn’t have to keep replacing it, but oh no I didn’t want to spend too much in the first place but in the long run i’ve spent probably more.

There are too many people on this planet to keep up with our needs now, something has to give.

If we reverted back to basics, would we be happier?

I could sit here and be one of those self absorbed pricks with all the facts and data for you, but I’m not one of those people, I just say what I see, I might be wrong, I might not be, that is your judgement.

Then you’ll hear things like “Time Heals All” and we become so frustrated at that phrase we’re too inpatient to wait, but the truth is it doesn’t heal all wounds anyways, you’ll just develop different coping mechanisms. I feel like often we are very contradictory, we’ll throw out phrases like “Patience is virtue” and “Time heals all wounds” yet none of us want to wait for anything, everything has to be now, even our deliveries have to be the next day, for an extra few pounds, or maybe you know you could just wait and save money…

Life takes time, give it that at least.
Stop trying to rush everything.


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