Our Earth

After a recent brief discussion with a friend one thing became clear I would like to write about different things as well as my usual content.

I’m passionate about a lot of things, however I’m not one of those people with all the research and facts, so I often feel I am not qualified to talk on these subjects.

During the same conversation with my friend, we discuss how we care so deeply about the Earth and it’s future but it’s so hard to make all the changes and often you feel like you are fighting a losing battle.

I do my utmost to be as planet friendly as I can, I cycle or walk everywhere, though I’m learning to drive I only intend on using it for long trips, mostly it’ll collect dust. I’m a vegetarian, and I’m currently working on cutting out some forms of dairy from my life also, due to a conversation with someone at work who swears they are much happier, they aren’t some preacher either, and in fact they still eat meat but they swear by the change. I’d been interested lately at different types of food that affect you gut and your mind.

I recycle what I can, try and use more natural and eco friendly products where I can, well I try, though it is much less than I probably could do, but there is a reason for that.

My flatmate/landlord he goes above and beyond so by proxy my house is very sustainable, bin bags are degradable, cleaning products bio friendly, he even takes all the recyclable materials that our local center doesn’t take and brings them to somewhere that does, it’s quite admirable, but he has the luxury of a car, it’s not like I lug it all on my back and cycle there each time.

I feel like I do what I can but not what I want, there’s so much more I can do but it seems like it’s a really unaffordable lifestyle, I earn good money, well good enough for me to be stable, but it seems everything organic or eco friendly is extortionate be it clothing, food or products.
I get it more effort goes into it but it hardly makes it a more attractive option to those considering change. This is something both me and friend agreed on when they pitched me the idea.

It seems there are 3 types people cohabitating the planet you’ve got your preachy eco warriors who make you feel belittled for not trying harder, your average Joe like me doing what they can because the do care but they need a bit of guidance, and then the worst of the bunch but it’s not necessarily their fault, but the guys who just turn a blind eye to everything, the niavity is unreal.

I feel like more than 3/4 of the population is the later, it’s like we’re just pretending everything is fine, we’ve made our own propaganda in our heads, it’s something you’d see in the movies, maybe it’s too hard to admit we’ve ruined our planet, but you’ve got to open your eyes, especially if you have or want children. It is their future, not ours, we will all inevitably die regardless, so stop being so selfish.

I know it’s hard to do so sometime when we talk about a world which we won’t even be in, but it’ll be our childrens children and that has to count for something right.

I suppose when I think about it I turn a blind eye to a lot of things, I don’t watch or read the news, my social media is curated exactly how I want to see it, so maybe I’m part of the problem too, it’s not like I’m not aware but I often find it a burden knowing all the troubles of the world when I sometimes struggle to balance my own, the media use of fear invoking tactics do not help and they only distract you from what is really going on behind the scenes, when was the last time we was honest with ourselves?

I recently went to sustainable fashion festival, I won’t lie it’s not really more sort of thing but I’d planned on going with someone who I thought would appreciate it I wanted to share their excitement and hopefully I could learn something from them, I found them inspirational, unfortunately they cancelled, but I’d already hyped myself up to go so I went by myself, I felt very much out of my depth, the stalls selling stuff were only selling female clothing so I was left wondering how can I be sustainable? So I stayed a while I listened to some of the talks and presentations, it was interesting, but I was bombarded with information, I learnt a bit about micro plastics in clothing, but even the guy presenting seemed at a loss for words on what we can actually do.

It seems more recently people are indulging the idea of change but I see lack of that change, just an acknowledgement, I think I fit into this, it’s off putting, you need to go out of your way to find specific products, and they always cost twice the amount, you begin questioning why it seems like there is a huge wall around this change, it shouldn’t be so difficult or expensive to make some changes.

I mean that’s how I see it, I suppose I’m wanting to change but maybe I need a little nudge to show me how to do it right, but the issue is if you go all preachy it puts people off, so it’s hard.

Like I say this isn’t what I usually write about but it is stuff I think about but mostly because of my lack of knowledge I don’t talk about it, but I do care.

I definitely think a lot of us see suppressing the world around us, its hard to know when to start when all you hear is negative in the media, we develop terrible coping mechanisms and it’s no wonder diagnoses of mental health issues, predominantly depression and anxiety are rapidly on the rise, something is wrong but we don’t know what to do, maybe we could start with healing our planet.

I’d like to tell you I’m not spiritual, but I feel very drawn to that side,it’s been that way for a long time now I discovered it when I started yoga a few years back, I felt tranquil and I definitely feel like there is connection between us and the Earth, I don’t really talk about that ever, because when ever I do people seem to laugh at me, probably why I stopped doing it, got fed up people winding me up at work about it.
The community around it often lead similar Earth loving lives and they always seem much happier than anyone else I know, maybe it’s the yoga, or maybe it’s the spirituality, maybe it’s both, but there is definitely something to it.

Humanity will never agree on everything we’ll always be different and I think we are designed to be that way, life would be way to boring if we all just got along, now I don’t condone wars and murder etc, but imagine a world where you can’t have a little debate and express your feelings, sharing others thoughts even if you disagree, but I think we should take the time to do something about our planet, we all share it and it’s the least we can do to it. I guess we all often feel like “but i’m just one person, what can I do” but if we all feel like that and do something, then that’s everyone! One person can’t change the world but we can join forces and be unstoppable.

I hope you enjoyed some of my thoughts and content today, working on different pathways for my blog.


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