What Our Language Really Says

So I deleted the last post, I was full of rage, and I still somewhat am, however I don’t want to be and it won’t make me any happier, I have decided to make some choices to protect myself, I guess I’m quite vulnerable at the moment, I wouldn’t say I’m putting up my guard again, more just making some amendments to temporarily shield myself, from my own mind really.

I was originally going to write about how I over analyse things but as I divulged deeper into the subject I realized it was much more than I thought.
I drew some inspiration from some photographs I took of my friend recently, initially I was just messing around taking some really close up shots of his face, but when I looked at them I found myself really curious, about how much emotion and thought body parts can portray, and that was it I had a new path for the post, I want to explore other methods of language too.

Often we forget what our body language says, we often do it without knowing, but sometimes when you cannot express words your body does the talking for you.
Some of these can be very noticeable but when was the last time you really examined the body language of someone you are talking to, like not as a whole but individual body parts, arguably it might seem weird to do it, but you might find something you didn’t know, maybe you’ll open some doors.

I remember at School I learnt a bit about how an open or closed body can portray different kinds of expression. There is a huge difference between having your hands on your hips which is quite an open posture, or having your arms folded which is quite a closed posture and it seems very guarded. Through my work I have experimented with different ways of using my body language, I work in mental health so often I am dealing with distressed people, so you need to be particular, hands on hips is quite intimidating and judgmental, arms folded seems almost dismissed and fed up, I personally opt for something neutral, my hands behind my back or in front, I think it shows you are engaging and willing to listen.
We all have different quirks and ways of expressing through body language.
I really enjoy seeing the body from different close up angles, you can really get lost in what kind of emotion they may be portraying. My friend here was just casually chilling, he just thought I was sorting out my camera, but I am now curious as to what was on his mind.

There’s a lot you can take in from mannerisms too, we often change ours relating to our current emotions, we might be louder and chatty when we are happier, or quieter quieter and less talkative when down, I know this is true for me. Someone might seem rude or abrupt but we don’t always know what is going on for them inside at the moment.

As we delve deeper into language, I want to broach the subject of our messaging platforms and their lack of emotion.
I remember when text talk and smileys came in, it was ridiculous, remember how many times you’ve said “lol” and not actually been laughing out loud, and now it’s been replaced with a laughing Emoji, but it equally has no meaning, we aren’t laughing, we’re just staring blankly at the screen, I have found with the up rise of emoji’s it’s actually hard to read into a message, it all seems false sometimes.

Growing up I always struggled reading people, be it body language or verbal, I just didn’t get situations, I still struggle but as I’ve gotten old I’ve become a lot more adapt to it, and infact I probably know more than I let on, I see a lot, my ADHD sees things from all perspectives at once, it’s a blessing and a curse.

However I still can’t get my head around messaging now, recently it’s been slowly consuming me, I’ve been trying to better myself lately, but I’ve found my self over analyzing every single message I send or receive, some more than others, but I’m trying to find meaning in it, trying to understand what they really are saying, I think i’m looking for something else, sometimes I feel like I’m being lied too, and I feel myself searching for evidence, but it’s so hard to portray emotion via messaging now, and we do, we lie through it because it’s easier.
A lot can be said though from the amount of emojis, open or closed questions, or the lack of communication at all, a lot can be said from that alone.
Tell me when was the last time you sent a laughing emoji and was actually laughing, is what you are saying truly represent how you feel?
Messaging is a emotionless platform you cannot fully portray how you feel through it, but it still doesn’t mean a lot can be taken from the language or lack of used in it.

Through my over analyzing, I’ve decided in my mind some pretty horrible thoughts of what people are really saying to me, and I might be wrong, but it’s hard, such a platform should not be used as our primary means of contact for most of us. It’s dishonest.

English is quite a basic language, other languages have many variations of different words that each portray it in a different emotion.
Take Greek for example, you may or may not know but they have 7 different terms for different types of love, English we have just one!
Eros: Love of the body
Philia: Love of the mind
Ludus: Playful love
Pragma: Longstanding love
Agape: Love of the soul
Philautia: Love of the self
Storge: Love of the child
Isn’t that amazing?

I also learnt today that how people want to feel determines how others influence their own emotions, so if you want to feel sad you might associate yourself with sad situations. Go have a read for yourself!

There’s a lot about language that we have no real control over, it can only be perceived by others. It’s an interesting thought to think you almost don’t have control over what you really say.

I’d like to do more photography in a intimate manner of more close up shots of antimony. I think i’ll title the project “Intimate”


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