Do You Really Live in Reality, Or Do You See What You Want

If you truly open your eyes you’ll realise, It’s pretty hard to be happy in world where there is so much sadness, death, destruction, and famine. A world we are actively destroying and abusing our power as intelligent beings, our world is dying.

Recently I’ve become more and more aware of the fact we are destroying the planet that bares our feet upon it’s face. As summer reached an all time high heat in England, temperatures reached 38.7 Degrees, yes that’s in England, you know the England so famous for it’s “Shit Weather”
On one hand you can argue it’s nice, but then on the other hand you have to eventually address global warming is the cause of this.

Scientists say the damage we’ve done is almost irreversible, and we’ve already used up our renewable resources supplies for this year, what are we gonna do about the next 4 months?

Every day I see so many foolish people just pretending everything is okay, and I fell for that trap for a long time, now I’ll tell you I still don’t watch or read the news, it’s mostly overly depressing stuff like murder, politics or celebrity shit, now you may say I’m running from that, maybe you’re right but I cannot change that, nothing I do will change that, politics will always be corrupt and you can’t but things I can change are my input towards this planet, don’t get me wrong I can’t do it alone, but I can raise awareness and then together we can do something.

Like I said I’ve become increasingly more aware lately of a lot of things, being able to emote and express myself has helped a lot and I’m beginning to understand myself and who I am inside, there’s still a lot of work to do but I’m not ashamed anymore.

I don’t come to you with all the facts and business, but I can give you one fact at least, we are ruining our planet, and you need to open your eyes, because there is a whole world out there we arent’ paying attention to.
I learnt lately in my therapy that I do know what’s going on, and I know what I should or shouldn’t do, I know how I feel but I am too stubborn to often admit these, and I said today in my session that actually there is not point of me engaging in these sessions any more because it all comes down to you being ready, ready to accept what you need or do what you need, there is not hidden message here, but I’m hoping I can just prompt you to take that step.

I’ve ordered a lot of stuff lately over amazon, and though it comes in a cardboard box, I’ve found it almost absurd how much plastic they use inside, and don’t get me wrong I want my items to be protected but there are other ways, tissue or even just crumpled paper, now you can argue, but what about the trees too? Well yes, and I do doubt you have a strong argument considering how many trees are chopped down and destroy our animals habitats, but I’m pretty plastic is our worst enemy, that and carbon emissions but I don’t have much knowledge on that subject.
So why not use paper? The thing is I wouldn’t be so concerned if the plastic was recyclable but it’s not, well it is some places but mostly it’s not, my local recycling area does fuck all and the bare minimum.
Little did many of you not know but Paper Straws aren’t even recyclable, because technically they class as food contaminated, though they are better for the environment as they only take 2-6 weeks to break down as apposed 200 years… but let’s be honest why the hell do you need a straw if you are not a child, you are an adult use your mouth…

I’m pretty scared of our future and it’s hard to actually be happy in this world when you open your eyes, but maybe you can do something with that, maybe it’s guilt for me, because I turned a blind eye for so long.

It seems these big corporate companies are the main culprits, heck I work for one and though I won’t say a bad thing about them because I wholesomely believe we do a great job and saving lives is a big deal but the amount of waste produced is ridiculous, however admittedly there are currently taking a lot of steps to be progressive and sustainable, but it’ll be a challenging one.
Companies like Amazon and Primark need to repromanded, and we need to take a stand.

I’m trying do my best to what I can but I can’t do it alone, we need to stop running from the truth, stop being so wasteful and for god sake fucking recycle.

Only you can make a change, when you are ready, but maybe make it sooner than later, before it’s too later.

It may be daunting, because we can’t do it alone, and you might think “well I can’t do anything” but you can spread awareness and together we will rise.

We will rise.

You are the catalyst for revolution.


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