Modern Racism

This will likely be a controversial one, but it’s something I have to say…

It’s been a little while now and it seems it’s getting worse, but the amount of racism that exists now it’s truly saddening, and you might be reading this wondering why me, a white male is writing this, how could I possibly understand, well for the most part you’re right I don’t directly deal with it, that’s not to say I haven’t been a victim off it, but I almost feel it’s justified if directed at me, but one thing I am sure, being white apparently means people will willingly discuss their racist views with me, apparently that’s acceptable. Well it’s not, so I want to share some thoughts on it.

I remember when I was much younger, racism was more taboo, lots of people who were racist were silent about it, they knew it was wrong, others unfortunately not so much, but I want to talk about the silent racist, and how they became proud racists.

I remember when Barrack Obama became President, now i’m not from America so I didn’t see at a lot this first hand, but I was quite present on the internet back in those years, I remember seeing the racism and “subtle” remarks people made leading up to it, and on the day the silent racist was silent, they wanted to say something but they knew they couldn’t.

A lot of us know someone who is a silent racist the sort of person who checks their surroundings before making a racist “joke”, they check their surroundings because they know deep down it’s wrong but that doesn’t change who they are, the kind of person a lot of us resent or have cut out of our lives. They hide and cower because they are a terrible human.

Then unfortunately things in the world changed, you had Donald Trump become President in America and Brexit and don’t even get me started on Windrush.
During the rising of Brexit and Trump well I use rising loosely here, but you get the drift, the silent racist was given a voice, they felt heard it, they no longer had to be ashamed of what lurked with in them and all of a sudden the silent racist was a proud racist.

I witness racism more and more with each rising day, and because I’m white often racists think I am in agreement with them, well I’m not.

I remember a car journey with a friend, he’s a very proud British person the sort of person who voted to Leave the EU because “it’ll be better in the long term”, i’ll tell you we’ve been friends many years and he’d never really been openly racist until after the vote came through to Leave, I think we are maybe very different people now and I don’t want them in my life anymore if they continues, he does listen but seems to often not understand what he said is inappropriate, anyways on this occasion he goes on to tell me how he believes “Romanian’s are taking the jobs” I stop him instantly and threaten him with violence, before reminding him my partner at the time was Romanian, he quickly takes back his comment, but it didn’t matter it had already been said.

I wouldn’t dare tell my partner but during the time we were together I found myself feeling so embarrassed of the country she resided in with me, I was so upset after the the Brexit vote came through, I didn’t want her to feel unwelcomed, we didn’t really talk about it but it worried me all the time, I was worried she’d meet racism and I wouldn’t be there to protect her.
So I guess by proxy racism affected me, it was different now for me because I had someone close to me in my life who could be directly affected, that’s not to say it didn’t bother me before, but this made me more emphatic, something I couldn’t really be before.

The way I see it, stupid, ignorant and bigoted people have been given a voice and it’s almost impossible to argue with a stupid person. The silent racist had been sat on the sidelines for too long, and they now felt they have a freedom of speech because such things like Donald Trump and Brexit almost actively promote racism.
You can’t argue with freedom of speech, but it does obviously have it’s drawbacks because some people are just inherently evil, or stupid.

Racist attacks increased overnight on both Brexit and Donald Trumps election, I don’t have the complete facts but I do remember reading it in a newpaper at work, which is about the only time I do read the news these days, but that doesn’t take away from the truth, we can all see the world is much more racist again.

Racism will always exist, lots of people are too xenophobic, scared of anything that isn’t them, I think a form of racism exists deep inside a lot of us, and that’s not to say i’m a racist because, I’m sure i’m not, I have a huge interest in all ethnic backgrounds and take pleasure in learning about traditions and way of life from people I know or want to get to know, sometimes it might be perceived as nosey but I want everyone I know to always feel welcomed in my country by me.

Like I was saying, something definitely resides inside people, I see it a lot at work, I work in a psychiatric hospital and when people are unwell almost all of them become racist, and you’ll be surprised to know that even people from an ethnic background become racists, and often to their own ethnicity, I work with black people who will only talk to white people and resent their own skin colour.
Yet somehow when they are better and well it’s not there, no racism nothing, but I do ask the question where does it come from, you could say they are silent racists, but then why racist to your own ethnic group? Maybe it’s because of the oppression they’ve suffered their lives, that’s something I cannot really fully understand, and I really wish I could be there with you and tell you I understand how it feels.

I would love world where racism doesn’t exist but I think it always will no matter what we try to do, but we can make those racist punishable for those crimes, then at least we can keep them all in one place and hopefully the streets will be free.

I don’t really know what we can do anymore, I feel like i’m fighting a losing battle and I often find myself ashamed to be white these days.

We have to stand up again, I don’t just mean ethnic groups, but white people too, those of us who care the ones who stand together, we need to make ourselves present at all rallys. How many white people do you see at a “Black Lives Matter” Rally, we need to be there, we need to support all our family.

I understand this a controversial subject, but please know my heart is in the right place and if I have caused any offence to anyone I apologize and you are welcome to contact me.


We should all be equal.

You are the catalyst for the revolution.


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