Lost but Wandering

I’m a bit lost, heck, I’m not entirely sure what’s going on, or what i’m doing. Now if you give … More

Oh how much fun counting the sheep.
I wish I could stay.
You wouldn’t here a peep.
How about you stay for a while.
Escape my reality.
Slipping through my finger tips.
Don’t leave me.
Oh sleep, why you so sweet.
You never stay.
Keep me at peace.
Why don’t you stay for a week.
Forget about the outside world.
Enter the deep sleep.


Anxiety inducing.
You can see the light but you can’t get out.
An inner turmoil.
A vine a wrapped around your leg.
It won’t let you go.
As the day bleeds into the night.
You’re still here.
When will you grow.
The bruises suffocate you.
It closes in around you.
You only have one option now.