Some Art and, a Poem called Love…

My beating heart in my chest.
I place my hand upon your chest.
Profoundly beating the hearts intertwine.
A rhythm that sings for all of time.
Finger tips trail, oh so gently with little nail.
Hands touch as darkness around becomes blinded.
Blinded by something of a purest form.
Eyes meet, widen, in complete intoxication.
Pulse accelerates.
Time becomes steady.
You feel the Earth as it rotates.
Space around you closes in.
Nothing but you and I.
You and I, in our skin.
Words are not needed here.
Our bodies do all the talking.
Your senses heighten.
Clothes fall to the ground.
Chins touch, and lips collide, quivering.
In this moment, you feel yourself taken back.
Suddenly you’re a whole room apart.
But the moment is still there.
Take it.
Take it!
You run.
Run into each other, lips collide again, bodies intertwine.
An explosion, of passion.
Two becomes One.
The Planets bend between us.
As the smoke settles.
Time is still.
The voice whispers but it’s also loud.
Glazed eyes, staring right through you.
Another world beyond them.
Where does it lead?
Where do you go?
Take my hand, trust me.
Show me.

Our Earth

“I feel like more than 3/4 of the population is the later, it’s like we’re just pretending everything is fine, we’ve made our own propaganda in our heads, it’s something you’d see in the movies, maybe it’s too hard to admit we’ve ruined our planet, but you’ve got to open your eyes, especially if you have or want children. It is their future, not ours, we will all inevitably die regardless, so stop being so selfish.

I know it’s hard to do so sometime when we talk about a world which we won’t even be in, but it’ll be our childrens children and that has to count for something right.

I suppose when I think about it I turn a blind eye to a lot of things, I don’t watch or read the news, my social media is curated exactly how I want to see it, so maybe I’m part of the problem too, it’s not like I’m not aware but I often find it a burden knowing all the troubles of the world when I sometimes struggle to balance my own, the media use of fear invoking tactics do not help and they only distract you from what is really going on behind the scenes, when was the last time we was honest with ourselves?”