Why are you here?

Mount Sinaia 2000 Metres

Well I’m afraid, I cannot answer that one, maybe I coaxed you here, maybe you followed a white rabbit down a hole and ended up here…

What I can tell you however I how I got here…

Many many years ago I used to do journalism for a local newspaper, I ended up leaving this due to differences in what I wanted to write, after that I didn’t really write anything for a very long time, until December 2018, I took a trip to Romania for nearly a month, I saw a lot and learnt a lot, I decided I wanted to share my thoughts with my friends and followers via Instagram, it was well received, after i’d finished my small project on Romania, I started occasionally writing short stories, thoughts and feeling accompanied by photographs, oh I do photography too, I’m no professional but it’s been a hobby of mine since I was 14.

Recently, my life turned around, we won’t go into that here, but I started writing a lot, the thing about me is I have ADHD, so trying to express myself effectively without just saying the first response or lack off that comes to my head is pretty damn hard.

I learnt that when I start typing, the world around me shuts off and I can fully envelope myself into my words, I can see and take time to explain how I am actually feeling, what I felt in moments, it’s nice to be able to regulate and understand your thoughts and feelings.

I haven’t figured out the direction of this page yet, I will see where it takes me, you can be sure to read plenty of thoughts, curiosities and some of my photography.
Hopefully you’ll enjoy this journey through space and time, sorry I meant thoughts and feelings.

A little about me…

My name is James, I am a fairly active human being, I regularly all manner of fitness activities, from callisthenics, acro yoga to bouldering.
I cycle absolutely everywhere, no I don’t wear lycra, don’t worry.

You’re probably wondering what I do for a living, how do I pay my wages? Well maybe you aren’t but i’m going to tell you anyways, after all you clicked this link.

So I work in Mental Health, more specifically a Psyhicatric Intesive Care Unit, it’s pretty full on and every day is different, I am in love with my job, helping those in needs is challenging but rewarding, it doesn’t make me rich but it makes me happy and that’s enough.

Right I think that’s about it.